WheelhouseNW provides experienced strategic counsel for your next election, leadership decision, or advocacy campaign. We’ll help you navigate through rough waters and chart a strategic path to victory.


Our Wheelhouse

In nautical terms a wheelhouse is where the captain guides the ship; in baseball it’s the sweet spot for a batter to connect with the ball. The common thread is the translation of work to power.


Our strategic focus and strength of execution is honed by decades of experience winning elections, advancing policy reforms, and shaping public opinion for causes we believe in. We’re a small firm by design – this allows us the freedom to focus as a team and be selective about the projects we work on together. Our collective experience and expertise includes:

Business Development

Philosophers have hitherto only interpreted the world in various ways; the point is to change it.

- Karl Marx


We Help Clients Win

Together, our team has the experience, insight and power to get clients where they need to go. We're deeply versed in research analytics, targeting, public relations, and community engagement. What sets us apart is our ability to quickly discern the critical path to success, assess the challenges that must be met, and identify the resources that must be marshalled.

Kevin Looper

Kevin Looper

Kevin Looper has nearly twenty-five years experience managing campaigns from the local to federal level, and has directed more than thirty successful ballot initiative campaigns.  He has worked as a senior political strategist for Senator Merkley, Governor Kitzhaber, U.S. Representative Bonamici, Governor Kate Brown, and Treasurer Wheeler, among many others. He has helped create progressive infrastructure in Oregon, including Our Oregon, Defend Oregon, Economic Fairness Oregon, and the Equity Alliance of Oregon. In addition to his work with Wheelhouse NW, Kevin is Executive Director of the Oregon Progressive Alliance.

Originally from Nebraska, Kevin was raised a Cornhusker fan complete with Go Big Red wallpaper and Nebraska helmet lamp. Kevin is married and lives in Portland with his wife Jillian and son Coltrane. He has a fancy degree on the wall he says came from Yale, but the whole thing is written in Latin, so who can really tell. He also holds a Doctorate of Slurpology from 7-11.

Angela Martin

Angela Martin

Angela's work on behalf of Wheelhouse NW clients is informed by a long career in non-profit advocacy and a proven track record in policy development, coalition building and communications strategy. She is an experienced campaign and coalition manager who understands how to build diverse and strategic coalitions as well as activate them for maximum effectiveness inside and outside the Capitol.

Angela is a skilled public speaker who has logged many hours appearing on local radio as a guest commentator and presented to audiences of all sizes. Her progressive credentials include leading a broad coalition of faith leaders and social service advocates in support of stronger consumer protection laws, and directing the successful passage of foreclosure reform as the Executive Director of Economic Fairness Oregon. She carries her fight for fairness into her volunteer work by serving as the board chair for Hacienda CDC, one of Oregon’s largest Latino organizations working to strengthen families through affordable housing, homeownership support, economic advancement and education opportunities.

Lesley Painter

Lesley Painter

Lesley keeps everything running smoothly at Wheelhouse NW. On top of managing the office and scheduling, Lesley brings her talents to bear in planning events for Wheelhouse NW, our clients, and other progressive projects. For more than twenty years she has helped non-profits with fundraising, communications, and public relations. Lesley lives on a forested hill in Portland with her husband, their son, daughter, and a herd of wild rabbits in the backyard. She loves painting and is a member of the Full Frontal Writing Collective.


Liz Accola Meunier

Liz has more than nine years of experience working in political and advocacy campaigns, with a special focus in communication and digital organizing. She enjoys diving deep into numbers to understand consumer behavior and building engaged online communities. By combining the right message with eye-catching designs, Liz works to educate and motivate voters to take action through the digital devices on their desks and in their pockets.

Before joining the Wheelhouse Northwest team, Liz served as Governor Kate Brown's campaign communications director during her successful run in 2016. Originally from Wisconsin, she moved to Oregon from Washington, DC, where she worked with national progressive organizations and state-based campaigns at America Votes.

Liz spends most of her free time baking, reading about baking, writing about baking, and following mascots on Twitter. On the rare occasions severe weather strikes the Portland area, she volunteers as a Skywarn spotter for the National Weather Service. Liz lives in Northeast Portland with her husband, Dan, and French bulldog, Oscar.


Lily Dorn

Lily Dorn

Lily was born and raised in South Pasadena, California where her large, extended family still gather. She is comfortable among loud, boisterous people with diverse opinions. Lily moved to Oregon in 2010 to attend Portland Community College, then transferred to Oregon State where she earned her degree in Public Health.

Lily’s political background began as a lead field organizer for Measure 97. She then served in the Oregon Legislature as a Legislative Aide and most recently, served as the Finance Manager for the Portland Community College bond renewal campaign. Lily joined the Wheelhouse team as the Outreach and Policy Coordinator, where her work focuses on building coalitions through community-based organizations, politicians and business leaders.

In her free time, Lily enjoys a Blazer game, exploring Oregon’s backcountry, and spending time with her close friends and family. Lily is a newshound and devours a few good newspapers with her breakfast. She also delights in taking pictures and learning about photography. Lily still has a lifelong love for a certain Southern California baseball team which shall remain nameless as long as she continues to work for a devout Cubs fan.

Jacquelyn Ulum

Jacquelyn Ulum

A lifelong Oregonian, Jacquelyn assists clients with fundraising, managing events, and campaign operations. Her former boss called her the human rolodex because she knows folks from all over Oregon. If you need an introduction, let her know.  

Prior to joining the Wheelhouse NW team, Jacquelyn interned for US Senator Jeff Merkley, and for British Labour MP Clive Betts as a legislative correspondent. She graduated summa cum laude from the honors college at University of Oregon, where her senior thesis focused on “The Problematic Persistence of the Wage Gap.” She currently uses her collegiate knowledge to great effect in negotiations with the Wheelhouse leadership team.

Jacquelyn can often be found walking her two retrievers Molly and Roosevelt (aka Rosie). She is an avid consumer of books (mysteries preferred), movies, and college basketball. Contrary to rumors currently being circulated around the office, she is not a Kentucky Wildcats fan. Jacquelyn and her brother frequently debate who should sit atop the Iron Throne, but both agree she is a Gryffindor.



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